Energy is one of the main resources in the game. It can be obtained by eating food, collecting quoins, or meditating.

Energy, one of the four character Metabolics, is spent on performing most actions and slowly decreases during gameplay. It is designated by the meter in the upper left corner, which is increased through Upgrade Cards. Energy is refilled at the start of each new day, and can also be gained through other means, the most common of which is eating food. Reaching an energy level of zero will result in death. A graveside marker will spawn in place of the dead player.

There is a maximum amount of Energy that can be acquired each day through the consumption of food. After reaching this cap and becoming "Stuffed", players may still gain energy through non-food related means, such as Meditation or by considering Emblems.

Note: Players lose 0.8% of their max energy every 90 seconds.

Maximum EnergyEdit

The maximum amount of energy a glitch can have is determined by the energy tank upgrade cards a player has. The maximum energy of a glitch is used to caculate the cost and benefit of certain actions.

  • Teleportation cost is based on maximum energy and rank of the Teleportation skill.
  • The amount of energy restored when revering an icon is random but averages to about 25% of maximum energy

Gaining/Restoring EnergyEdit

There are several methods of gaining energy in the game.

  • Eating Food. Generally speaking, foods will raise energy while drinks will raise mood. See the Energy Increase Efficiency table for more info.
  • Meditating using a Focusing Orb. There are several meditation skills, each conferring varying amounts of energy.
  • Consider an Emblem.
  • Revere an Icon.
  • Wait for a new day to arrive. These occur at 4-hour intervals and completely replenish energy and mood levels.
  • Sniff some No-No Powder. This will give you a very high energy boost for 6 minutes, but will also cause you to die 12 minutes after taking it.

Items, Actions, or ConsumablesEdit