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Humbaba is one of the 11 Giants. The Glitch Encyclopedia says the following about Humbaba:

Giant of Walking Creatures: Gregarious, Belligerent

Humbaba is the giant who rules both two-legged and four-legged beasts. Actually, she rules all the beasts with even-numbered quantities of legs. The odd-numbered ones are on their own.

Adherents are known as "Humbabans".

Skill affiliationsEdit

Primary affiliation with Animal Husbandry, Animal Kinship, Herdkeeping, Remote Herdkeeping.

Also affiliated with Cheffery, EZ Cooking, Grilling, Master Chef, Saucery.

Shrine LocationsEdit


Groddle Forest

Groddle Heights

Groddle Meadow

Ilmenskie Deeps

Shrine StylesEdit

ShrinetoHumbaba387 ShrinetoHumbaba398 ShrinetoHumbaba453 ShrinetoHumbaba647

See alsoEdit

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