Upgrade Cards are used for the general betterment of your character across many facets of the game.

This page lists known upgrade cards by category. For information about obtaining upgrade cards, please see Purchasing Upgrade Cards.

Skill-based UpgradesEdit

Note: Redealing upgrade cards can be done once per day. The only exception to this rule is the Reshuffle upgrade (see Keepables.)

Other UpgradesEdit


Certain cards can be bought and added to your inventory for later use

  • Get Out of Hell Free Card - "Get out of Hell instantly, with full health. Lucky devil!!"
  • Reshuffle - "Reshuffle the Deck, above and beyond your one free daily reshuffle."
  • Ticket To Arbor Hollow - "Follow a trail of coins to the tops of tall trees. Then collect more as you plunge back down!"
  • Ticket To Cloud Flight - "Leap into the sky above the tree-tops, and collect coins as you fly through the air!"
  • Ticket To Radial Heights - "Fly about the evening sky, discovering a spiral of stars. Extra care earns you a special message!"
  • Ticket To Sky Plunge - "Take the plunge! A fast drop through soft, morning clouds. Can you collect every coin?"
  • Ticket To Starlit Night - "Ever wonder what stars sound like? Collect coins as you float in the night-time sky."